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Madhouse: The State We're In!
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Madhouse, The State We're In! #PCP 1002 $12.98
  1. Isotopia
  2. Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
  3. In a Different Light
  4. Cool Beans
  5. M.S.T.
  6. You're Not There
  7. 510-666
  8. See Ya Next Year (to Frank)
  9. Science Guys
  10. Dark Memories
  11. Play' Hookie
  12. Thrashin' Doll
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John Santos & Omar Sosa, Nfumbe #PCP 1004 $12.98
This new CD was recorded live at La Peña in Oakland. A duo performance of John Santos and Omar Sosa, this album conveys a sense of the spontaneous and spiritual. . Order CDs

Free Roots
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Omar Sosa, Free Roots #PCP 1003 $12.98
Ikú lo bi Ocha. El muerto pare al santo. Death gives birth to the saint, to the diety. With this Yoruba invocation, Omar invites us to experience his music, his spiritual roots, his ancestry. He invites us also to connect with our own spritual experience, to discover the history of spirit and music in our own blood, to open ourselves to the mystery and magic of life. However we experience it, however we conceive of it, we are all children of the gods. Order CDs

Omar Omar
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Omar Sosa, Omar Omar #PCP 1001 $12.98
A reflection of my inner landscape -- my life experiences, my state of mind, my emotions. These are transmitted sometimes through sudden inspiration, other times through more traditional compositional techniques. Musical themes surge from an inspiring force within, each with its own imagery, harmony, and color -- each searching its roots in Cuban music, of which I will always be a part, body and soul. I use the rhythms and forms of native Cuban music to create movement between traditional and contemporary styles. Order CDs

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