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Madhouse: Scott Price, Don Rowlands, Mark Holzinger, and Neal Heidler
The Madhouse Guys
The State We're IN!An imaginative, eclectic, Berkeley-based jazz ensemble, Madhouse combines the sophistication of John Scofield with the unpredictability and sense of humor of a Frank Zappa. The band's debut CD, The State We're In, showcases the songwriting talents of bassist Neal Heidler, drummer Don Rowlands and guitarist Mark Holzinger. It is an inspired and engaging compilation of original material covering a range of musical genres.

Holzinger, Heidler, and Rowlands are all seasoned San Francisco Bay Area players. Mark has performed with many prominent artists, including Marvin Gaye, Joe Williams, Mark Isham, David Benoit, Ricky Lee Jones and Bobby McFerrin. Neal has performed with John Handy, RIchie Cole, Mark Levine and Eddie Harris. Don has performed with Dan Hicks, Ross Valory, Steph Burns and Lady Bianca.

Also featured on the CD are noted saxophonists Peter Apfelbaum and Chuck Clark, percussionist Jesús Diaz, and clarinetist Sheldon Brown.

Madhouse is currently performing in the Bay Area. For information and booking contact

PriceClub Productions
(510) 834-0325

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