The State we're IN!

The Shape We're In Behold now, let the
Dead and Living meet!
Across the gulf of Time
they still are one.
Time hath no power
against Identity,
though Sleep the
merciful hath blotted out
the tablets of our mind,
and with oblivion sealed the
sorrows that else would
hound us from life to life,
stuffing the brain with
gathered griefs till it
burst in the Madness
of uttermost despair.
Still are they one,
for the wrappings of our
Sleep shall roll away as
thunder clouds before the wind;
the frozen voices of the
past shall melt in Music
like mountain snow
beneath the sun;
and the weeping and
the laughter of the
lost hours shall be
heard once more
sweetly echoing
up the cliffs of

-H. R. Haggard

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