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Free RootsEl camino que nos dan
Solo lleva a dar razones,
Razones claras, no mentiras
Hablan ellos...
Muertos, Espiritus, Ancestros...
Siempre ellos, seimpre ellos....

The path they give us
Brings only meaning...
Clear meaning, not lies....
The dead, the spirits, the ancestors
-- they speak...
It is always them, always them....

Omar Sosa
Oakland, CA
September 1997

Our long journey has led us here. Does anyone still doubt it began before we were born? Still doubt our emotional and creative expressions are intrinsically tied to our collective past, or at least partially inherited? Still believe that déja-vú is pure coincidence?

Nfumbe is an Afro-Cuban word of Congolese origin. It refers to spirits actively involved in earthly relations... to an interactive network of considerable proportions. Recognizing and honoring the ancestors is a basic, ancient tenet of most African, Asian, and indigenous American peoples. The concept of the nfumbe is about tradtional spiritual principles adapting to a changing modern enviornment.

In our current, "advanced" society, we are systematically de-sensitized to things of a spiritual nature. Commercialization has brought the arts to huge, new audiences while at the same time gutting much of their emotional and spiritual qualities. In a world where technology is King, it is more important than ever to maintain holistic ways of thinking and living. To really cultivate the organic lifestyle essential to our survival, we must take advantage of the wisdom of those who have gone before. And it is equally important we support the arts on every front, especially in education and in our communities.

In our musical collaboration, Omar and I have tried to allow the intuitive, the mysterious and the sponaneous to claim free reiggn throughout. During live performance, spiritual and tactual interaction can be attained through the often subtle, but always adventuraous concentration of energy. Like the old nfumbes, faith and surrender are the means. Communication and enlightenment are the ends. We truly hope you find Nfumbe an uplifting experience.

Cultivate peace through spiritual growth.

John Santos
Oakland, CA
September 1997

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